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Asphalt Repairs in Texas

No matter your location, a dependable road always makes getting there easier. For this reason, it is important to keep the roads leading to your home or business in prime condition. When you discover damage to your pavement, let Permian Paving solve your problems. We provide reliable asphalt repairs in Midland, Texas. From cracks to potholes, our trained team has you covered.

Contact us to request a consultation and find the repairs that best fit your situation. Asphalt is a proven paving material for roads and driveways. As such, asphalt roads have been synonymous with transportation, logistics, progress, and growth. Give your property the attention it deserves. Preserve the integrity of your road with our asphalt repair service. We strive to deliver affordable service that attains effective, long-lasting results. Our team is also available for asphalt milling, as well as tar and chip repair. We adapt to your situation, no matter your location.

Clean and Thorough Asphalt Milling

As a property owner, you make the decisions about which roads should go where. When it's time to rethink your roadways, count on us for your asphalt milling needs. Asphalt milling is the process of removing existing asphalt pavement from your road. It is useful for getting rid of excess material, or for completely removing unnecessary stretches of road. Asphalt milling is an ideal procedure for clearing land or laying the preparations for new paths.

After milling, your roads are even and level. Even roads prevent the buildup of excess water, and also allow a smoother ride for motorists. In the event of a road removal, remember that our team is also available to pave new roads to make your property more accessible to you and your business partners.

Laying New Asphalt in Midland, TX

Effective Tar and Chip Repair

"Tar and chip" roads are a popular option for areas that encounter low amounts of traffic. When you see that your roads are in disrepair, let our team resolve your problems. Our tar and chip repair covers a wide range of issues, such as uneven pavement, missing sections, and potholes. We work with you to ensure your investment is always ready to accommodate traffic.

Asphalt Repairs - Equipped for Any Scenario

Work with a team with more than 50 years of experience. Our asphalt repairs are thorough, and our results ensure the longevity and function of your road. Since our owner is an active supervisor at every project site, you can have confidence knowing that your roads are being maintained by a company that is invested in you. A 10% discount is available for all repairs, so call now for affordable service.

Contact us today and restore your pavement with our asphalt repair service. We proudly serve customers throughout Midland, as well as Odessa, Abilene, Andrews, Fort Stockton, Kermit, and Big Spring, Texas.

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